About us

About Us

AAI has served the residents of Georgia since 1986. Our professional staff members are highly trained in the insurance field, with a combined experience of fifty years. We are located at the Intersection of Post Road, Mullinax Road and Atlanta Hwy  in Alpharetta, Georgia. For a map to our offices, click on the peach at the top of your screen.

Business Insurance

  • It's not just any business, it's your business. AAI has the right coverage to take care of it. Small business is who we are, it's what we know, it's the place we come from every day. It all starts with an agent, a small business owner like you. Someone who understands how much hard work goes into every success, and who'll be there to help protect all that you've earned.
  • College for your children

    Children bring so much to our lives, and while unconditional love is free, raising a child can be expensive. Children grow up quickly. Before you know it, they're out of diapers, going to prom and then heading off on their own. You make it all possible by providing financial security that should include having enough savings and insurance coverage that grows with them.

    Thinking ahead for you and your family is one of the most loving things you can do for them. But when it comes to insurance and saving, which choices will fit your particular needs and budget? Meet people who are reviewing their own situations to help make these decisions.  Life insurance protects your family's future. College savings make the future even brighter.

  • Our Professionals

    Our professionals can help you make the right choices and choose the right plans for your family’s needs.  Planning for the children’s educations, your retirement and those unexpected occurrences that threaten all of us throughout out lives. Our Professionals can show you how to create earnings that are tax differed without  being in the position of being penalized for early withdrawal such as in other retirement options. 

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4825 Atlanta Hwy. 9 N.
Suite 200
Alpharetta, Georgia 30004
Telephone: 770-442-9906 or 770-442-9995
FAX: 770-442-9939 or 770-664-5589